Saturday, February 7, 2009

Truck with trailer loses control on Interstate 5

Truck with trailer loses control on Interstate 5

By Democrat staff

A pickup truck towing a trailer smashed into a guard rail Thursday noon on southbound Interstate 5, causing some damage and forcing traffic to slow down.

Philip John Rathe was driving on I-5 just outside of Woodland when he lost control, causing his trailer to jackknife and get hooked on the guard rail.

The Woodland Fire Department, police and California Highway Patrol were called to the scene near the East Main St. on-ramp entrance.

CHP officer E. Robles said Rathe could have lost control because he was speeding. Rathe was driving 62 mph, 7 miles over the speed limit, at the time of the accident.

"All vehicles towing are restricted to 55 mph," she said.

An ambulance arrived but was called off since there were no injuries. No other vehicles were involved.

Woodland police officers help divert traffic from the incident.

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