Saturday, February 28, 2009

Loose trailer ploughs into Heaton shop

Loose trailer ploughs into Heaton shop

2:50pm Thursday 26th February 2009

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A trailer being towed by a van came loose and smashed through a shop front in Heaton, Bradford, today.

Witnesses said the trailer, which was loaded with sheets of metal fencing, careered over a grass verge, before smashing into the premises of Sarhad Money Exchange & Travel in Toller Lane.

No-one was injured in the incident at 11.50am. Police and firefighters attended the scene.

Crash Involving Boat Snarls I-5 In Elk Grove 2nd Article

Crash Involving Boat Snarls I-5 In Elk Grove

At least three separate crashes crippled the morning commute on northbound Interstate 5 including a serious crash in Elk Grove that backed uptraffic for miles.

The CHP says a boat hit a car head on. At least one of the cars rolled over in the fast lane.

It happened just after six in the northbound lanes of I-5 near Twin Cities Road. A truck towing a boat on a trailer was actually traveling southbound on I-5 when it somehow lost control and veered across the center median. The boat launched off the trailer and hit a car traveling in the northbound lanes head on.

The CHP shut down all lanes at one point to bring in tow trucks to remove the cars and the boat.

Traffic is backed up for miles and CHP is diverting traffic onto the shoulder to move vehicles around the accident.

There were also two other separate accidents between Elk Grove Boulevard and the San Joaquin County line.

Loose Boat Results In I-5 Crash... Loose Trailer

NOTE: Trailer came loose... Look at the destruction caused by this accident.

Loose Boat Results In I-5 Crash

Traffic Backs Up For Miles Near Hood Franklin Road

POSTED: 6:13 am PST February 27, 2009
UPDATED: 7:41 pm PST February 27, 2009

A huge traffic jam resulted on Interstate 5 south of Elk Grove early Friday when a boat being towed by a truck came unhitched, crossed a freeway median and smashed into an oncoming car, the California Highway Patrol says.

The wreck, which was reported just after 6 a.m., took place along I-5 near Hood Franklin Road and led to a backup of at least two miles.CHP Officer Rich Wetzel said it appears that a pickup truck was towing the boat southbound on I-5 when the trailer got loose and careened into the northbound lanes.Firefighters could be seen carefully extracting at least one person from the damaged car.It was not immediately clear how many people were injured.Both northbound lanes of I-5 were reopened shortly after 8 a.m.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Driver arrested after float flips

Driver arrested after float flips

Several injuries reported in Church Point

Shay Randle • • February 23, 2009.

CHURCH POINT -Several people were injured in Church Point Sunday afternoon after an alleged drunk driver pulling a Mardi Gras float lost control of it and caused it to overturn into a ditch.


Louisiana State Police are investigating the incident, which happened some time before 4:30 p.m. - after the Mardi Gras parade - on La. 35, just south of Church Point.

The driver, 55-year-old James Young, was booked into the Acadia Parish jail for allegedly causing the incident.

Young faces charges of DWI second offense, driving under suspension, careless operation, fail to secure safety chains and seven counts of vehicular negligent injuring.

Investigators say the man lost of control of the 1985 Ford pickup truck that was pulling the float and caused the trailer to unhitch from the truck.

That's when the trailer overturned and injured those riding in it.

Floats are required to have at least two chains securing the trailer to the leading vehicle, according to police.

Five Acadian Ambulance units and an AirMed helicopter reported to the scene and transported eight people to local hospitals following the incident.

Two people were transported for moderate injuries, while six others were transported for minor to moderate injuries.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident.

State police are still investigating the crash.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

15 Passenger Van Looses Control Towing A Trailer

Yesterday a van from Hobe Sound Bible College, pulling a small trailer, left the campus and headed up I-95. The plan was to drive to a Youth Convention in Pennsylvania. In the van were siblings Paul and Julia Stetler, school secretary Karen Hoffman (graduated last year) and two students - Luke Brinkman and Ally Lavy. Luke and Ally are in the picture up above, these pictures are from Karen Hoffman's Facebook.

About sixteen miles down the road part of the tread seperated from a rear tire. This is quote from the school receptionist on her Facebook page.... "Paul Stetler was driving and there was traffic all around but they crossed 3 lines (I'm assuming she meant lanes not lines. Just to be clear this was all on their side of the road, this was not in the oncoming traffic.) of traffic without hitting anyone, completely turned around and went off the road on a strip of land that 2 weeks ago had been cleared of trees. When the van turned on its side, all the windows on the driver's side broke out and Ally Lavy went out the window and rolled away from the van. Julia had her back against that big window when it blew so her back is sore, but she was checked at the hospital and OK. The van rolled twice and landed right side up! The tire was still inflated; just minus the tread. The trailer came loose sometime in the process. Paul had a pillow in his lap and with that and hanging onto the steering wheel, he managed to stay in the seat with no injury. The trouper said that all wrecks of this kind result in serious injuries and usually body bags! This was truly a miracle. They all looked like chimney sweeps, because that strip of land was all loose dirt from the recent clearing of the trees. I saw Paul before he got his shower. It would have been funny, but none of us felt like laughing!"

From what I understand, when the van rolled the first time Ally landed right in the spot where the broken out window was and as the van rolled away it left her laying there in the dirt/sand. Thankfully it wasn't on the road as that could have had a much more serious result!

I have heard several times that Paul felt that the weight of the trailer kept them from rolling more than twice and that also contributed to fewer injuries. The only other thing I heard that was different from the account above was that Julia's back was hurting so much because as the van rolled she landed on her back against the wheel well inside the van but I do not know which thing caused her back to hurt .

To have five adults in that bad of an accident and everyone can get up and walk around (and four able to just go home) is just amazing - only one even needed to go to the hospital and she is doing much better today (she was not admitted but was only in the ER). From what I understand the police on the scene were amazed. You can see that most of the windows of the van are completely gone - the van was totaled.

I have often thought about the incredible number of miles that are logged every year for traveling for the school, clear back to when I was a little girl, and there has never been one serious injury as a result of an accident. I know each and every trip there are those praying for safety for those traveling and I believe once again God protected this group too. It was also a blessing that it happened so close by so everyone could get back quickly and safely and a blessing it didn't happen when they hit the icy/snowy roads up north.

I'm sure each of them are very thankful to be waking up this morning alive and healthy (although I'm sure they are a bit more sore today) and I'm sure there are parents, siblings, family and friends here and elsewhere who are thanking God for protecting their loved ones.

Traveling mercies - I don't ever want to take them for granted!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Truck with trailer loses control on Interstate 5

Truck with trailer loses control on Interstate 5
Author: Democrat staff
Article ID: 11590494
Date: January 30, 2009
Publication: Daily Democrat, The (Woodland, CA)

A pickup truck towing a trailer smashed into a guard rail Thursday noon on southbound Interstate 5, causing some damage and forcing traffic to slow down. Philip John Rathe was driving on I-5 just outside of Woodland when he lost control, causing his trailer to jackknife and get hooked on the guard rail.

The Woodland Fire Department, police and California Highway Patrol were called to the scene near the East Main St. on-ramp entrance.

Grandmother Gets Run Over By A Loose Trailer

February 14..
Note: How the company's treatment of the Grandmother changes
Once they might have found out of my web site.

Most recently, my mom was in a car accident over the weekend. Her car is totalled! A truck was pulling a utility trailer that came unhitched. Evidently, the trailer hit the tires of the truck pulling it, which sent it side ways in the road and hit moms car--her car went over it trailer and when everything finally stopped, she had 1 tire still on the road...the rest of the car was sideways on the trailer! I'm happy to report that mom is fine. She is in some pain from the impact and a burn on her arm from the air bag...but it could have been much worse! Mom called us and Randy went directly to the scene. He said there was oil and gas leaking from her car--it was all over the road. We also learned that the company the driver (of the truck) works for is a farm equipment company--thankgoodness there was no eqipment on the trailer. It could have been much worse! Now, she has to wait for the insurance to settle up so she can get another car.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! (vent/rant)

That's what I say to the man (Idiot Liar) that caused the accident my mom was involved in on Saturday afternoon. What a jerk that guy is! He told the insurance company that the accident was not his fault. Um, excuse me?!! So, just because he was driving a truck, pulling a utility trailer which was not properly secured and it came loose going across the road, head on into my moms car, he is not at fault? I think not! This man also told his insurance company that my mom was talking on the phone when the accident occurred. Again, I think not! Plus, we have proof--yep, we lowly civilians have the right to view our own cell phone records! Guess what? It PROVES that she was NOT talking on the phone at the time the accident occurred. And guess what else? Even if she was it doesn't matter--still not her fault that the Idiot Liar didn't properly secure the trailer he was pulling with his company truck....yep, that's right folks, a company truck. And here's a picture with a clear name of the company:

Sounds to me that someone is trying to lie to keep from getting in trouble--the ole deflect routine. You know...we all id it as know you did something wrong, and you know you're caught....but your brother (or sister) was doing something bad, I'll tell on them and maybe I won't get in as much trouble. You know it?? I know I tried it!
So, yesterday my mom speaks to a lady at the insurance company of Idiot Liar who tells mom that they may not be 100% liable if she was on the phone. She also wanted to know why mom didn't try to stop to avoid the accident. WTH??!!!
So, think about the options you have in a split second when a utility trailer is coming at you from the other side of the's not like she was behind him and could see that there was a problem. It happened in an instant!
Here are some pics of moms car:

Oh, and did I mention that Idiot Liar also told his insurance company that there was no damage to moms car? How many lies is that now? 3!
Granted, there's very little body damage. Her windshield is busted..but the real damage is under the car. Idiot Liar must have forgotten about the gallons of gas and oil spilling from the car! That couldn't possibly mean damage, could it? Hmm.....
I will now tell you that as of this morning, the insurance company contacted mom to let her know they were accepting 100% liability for the accident. Hmm, I wonder how they came to that conclusion? Oh, I bet it was the witnesses, maybe the evidence? So, now an adjuster will be going to look at moms car. They will likely total it out. I just really think it's a shame that this man has represented his company in this way. I had never heard of this company before this accident, and it's unlikely that I would need their services (farm eqip), but I would be less likely to do business with them because of the way their employee and insurance company have treated my mother. We do have friends and family who may do business with them, if so please keep this in mind.
*****Thank you to a fellow blogger for giving me this information: for more information on dangerous trailers, please check out
I had no idea of the number of accidents and deaths that occur due to trailers that are not properly secured.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I-25 crash reveals $587,000 worth of marijuana

I-25 crash reveals $587,000 worth of ma posted by: Jeffrey Wolf written by: Kyle Clark

HUERFANO COUNTY - State troopers found more than 500 pounds of marijuana stashed in a trailer that crashed along Interstate 25 Wednesday morning.

The Colorado State Patrol reports a Chevy Suburban headed north on I-25 in Huerfano County lost control and struck a guardrail. The vehicle rolled over and broke loose from a trailer it was towing.

Troopers say they found 587 pounds of marijuana in the trailer, each pound having a street value of approximately $1,000.

The driver, a 31-year-old man, and his passenger, a 27-year-old woman, both from New Mexico, were treated for injuries.

The man, who sustained serious injuries, was admitted to a Walsenburg hospital.

The woman, who was arrested, is charged with felony drug possession with a special charge for importing more than 100 pounds of marijuana. Her bond was set at $100,000.

State troopers are not releasing their names. I-25 was closed for two hours while the scene was cleaned up and investigators gathered evidence.

(Copyright KUSA*TV. All rights reserved.)

Truck with trailer loses control on Interstate 5

Truck with trailer loses control on Interstate 5

By Democrat staff

A pickup truck towing a trailer smashed into a guard rail Thursday noon on southbound Interstate 5, causing some damage and forcing traffic to slow down.

Philip John Rathe was driving on I-5 just outside of Woodland when he lost control, causing his trailer to jackknife and get hooked on the guard rail.

The Woodland Fire Department, police and California Highway Patrol were called to the scene near the East Main St. on-ramp entrance.

CHP officer E. Robles said Rathe could have lost control because he was speeding. Rathe was driving 62 mph, 7 miles over the speed limit, at the time of the accident.

"All vehicles towing are restricted to 55 mph," she said.

An ambulance arrived but was called off since there were no injuries. No other vehicles were involved.

Woodland police officers help divert traffic from the incident.

Two women seriously injured in accident Loose Trailer

NOTE: No citiations were issued?
Can you name me where you can cause an accident and nothing happens?

You get into more trouble if you throw a Milkshake out your window at another car... I believe they call it a flying missle....well what is a trailer that comes unhiched?

Top Stories

Two women seriously injured in accident
Dennis Sharkey, News Editor

Two Richmond women were seriously injured on Friday when their car collided with a runaway trailer.
Kelly A. Lee, 49, and Jacey N. Lee, 19, were taken to Centerpoint Hospital in Independence. Kelly, the driver, was taken by life flight and Jacey was transported by Odessa EMS.

The accident occurred about 6:10 p.m. Friday evening on Route O about a quarter of a mile south of Blue Book Road in Lafayette County, when a trailer came unhitched from a 2004 Ford truck driven by Earnest Taylor, 47, of Bates City, and struck the Lee vehicle, according to a Missouri Highway Patrol report.
No arrest or citations were issued.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Broken Hitch Almost Sends Trailer Across Road

Horseback Riding

A Close Call

February 2, 2009

Prevent an accident by installing your trailer hitch properly.

By The American Quarter Horse Journal intern, Brittania Cassiday

Headed home to Ohio from a show in Oklahoma, Fred and Sue Mazzarini had been on the road for almost 500 miles when they decided to pull off at a truck stop in St. Louis to switch drivers.

The Mazzarinis’ friend, Justin Billing, was following them in his truck and trailer and decided to pull off as well. After they parked, Justin thought that the Mazzarinis’ trailer was sitting low to the ground. He called the Mazzarinis’ daughter, Kristin, over for a second opinion, and she noticed they had “a big problem.” That was when they found a fracture in the metal of the hitch underneath their motor home.

“Had we not gotten off the highway, the hitch would have broken sending our trailer with two horses careening on the highway” Sue says. “The safety chains would not have helped as they were attached to the metal hitch frame that was tearing away from the vehicle.”

Due to incorrect installation- the factory-installed hitch was missing stress bars that would have prevented the hitch from breaking like it did- the hitch metal split and almost came off from the Mazzarinis’ motor home.

“We trusted the folks since they were the ‘experts’ to do the right thing, and have a quality program that would have caught this oversight prior to the motor home leaving the factory,” Sue commented in hindsight.

By the time Fred carefully and slowly moved the motor home and trailer to a location that was out of the way of any vehicles, the trailer stand was dragging along the pavement and the hitch was inches from completely tearing off of the motor home.

The Mazzarinis were carrying precious cargo in the form of Turn It Blue, “Elle,” and A Certified Edition, “Wintson,” their American Quarter Horses. Elle, a 2004 chestnut Incentive Fund mare, found her home with the Mazzarinis in 2006 and has since earned a ROM. Winston, a 1997 brown Incentive Fund gelding, and Kristin have been a team since 2002 and have racked up 8 world champion titles and 4 reserve world champion titles in pleasure driving and hunter under saddle together.

With more than 400 miles left to go on their return trip home, Sue, her family and two horses were stuck in St. Louis. Luckily, Justin had an extra slot left in his trailer. Elle was loaded in the spare slot and finished her trip back home with Sue riding shotgun in Justin’s truck. Winston and Kristin hitched a ride with Barb Johnson and her daughter, Jessica, who are friends who had been showing at the same show as well, and were only four hours behind the Mazzarinis on the road. Fred stayed in St. Louis with the motor home and trailer to get the trailer towed and a welder to fix the hitch. He arrived home a day later.

As Sue started to share her story with other horse people, she discovered that there were a number of people who also had issues with hitches on either motor homes or trucks.

When asked for advice about purchasing or installing new hitches, Sue says,“Verify the installation and load limits on the hitch. Even though you purchase a new vehicle with the hitch, have a representative of the dealership verify installation.”

To avoid this and other potentially disastrous trailering situations, follow this pre-travel checklist provided by to make sure everything is in proper working condition:

  • trailer lights and turn signals
  • trailer brakes
  • trailer hitch–is it secure?
  • trailer safety cables
  • spare trailer and truck tires, and tools to change a tire, including a tire jack
  • trailer and truck tires
  • trailer floorboards

Sue takes it one step further.

“Every time you stop along the road, take a moment to look at the equipment: trailer, truck, hitch etc.”


2 Comments on “A Close Call”

  • Kelsey Gibson

    Great article!!! :] I will definitely pass this along! We all know our horses are like our kids, they tend to be our best friends. We want them safe!

  • Ron

    This came to me through my web site at

    It looks like the problem to me is this. The particular coupler that is on that trailer is one that is rated for 20,000lbs. Companies only use these on trailers that weight over 14,000lbs because they are expensive. If that was the case here. You have a large trailer, probably 15,000-18,000lbs being pulled with a hitch (mounted on the motor home) with a weight limit of 5,000lbs like it is or 10,000lbs if it has a weight distribution system on it, which this picture shows that it don’t.

    The driver of the motorhome needs a weight distribution system bad and doesn’t know it. This was most likely user error. Something a required class to tow would teach.

Dry Cleaning and Boats Don't Mix

Posted: 10:35 AM Jan 30, 2009
Last Updated: 10:35 AM Jan 30, 2009

Defuniak Springs P.D. is investigating a crash that happened on Thursday, when a boat, that was in-tow un-hitched from the trailer of a truck at an intersection, and crashed into Miracle Cleaners on 370 U.S. Highway 90 East.

A 1986 Bayliner boat and trailer, being toed by a 2007 Ford Truck, separated from the towing hitch as it came through the intersection of State Road 83N, and collided with the storefront of Miracle Cleaners.

Several people were outside the business when the boat and trailer crashed into the stone support near the front door. An adult and child had to quickly move out of the way in order to avoid being injured from the collision.

The crash damaged the front glass, stone support, front door, and water outlet near the front door which required water to Miracle Cleaners be turned off for a couple of hours for repairs. Damage caused temporary interruption to operations and customers had to be re-routed through a side door. Damage to the trailer made it inoperable. The truck sustained damage to the rear passenger’s tail light whenever the boat jumped off of the hitch. The boat and trailer had to be removed by a tow truck. Miracle Cleaners resumed normal operations shortly after removing the boat and trailer, and will be open for business.

The driver of the truck, 46-year-old Victor Perez, advised that he had just purchased the boat and trailer from someone and did not have safety chains attached.

No other occupants were in the vehicle and no one was injured.

Victor Perez was found at fault in the accident and issued a traffic citation for violation of towing requirements by not having safety chains. Safety chains most likely would have prevented damage to other property in this incident.