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Grandmother Gets Run Over By A Loose Trailer

February 14..
Note: How the company's treatment of the Grandmother changes
Once they might have found out of my web site.

Most recently, my mom was in a car accident over the weekend. Her car is totalled! A truck was pulling a utility trailer that came unhitched. Evidently, the trailer hit the tires of the truck pulling it, which sent it side ways in the road and hit moms car--her car went over it trailer and when everything finally stopped, she had 1 tire still on the road...the rest of the car was sideways on the trailer! I'm happy to report that mom is fine. She is in some pain from the impact and a burn on her arm from the air bag...but it could have been much worse! Mom called us and Randy went directly to the scene. He said there was oil and gas leaking from her car--it was all over the road. We also learned that the company the driver (of the truck) works for is a farm equipment company--thankgoodness there was no eqipment on the trailer. It could have been much worse! Now, she has to wait for the insurance to settle up so she can get another car.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! (vent/rant)

That's what I say to the man (Idiot Liar) that caused the accident my mom was involved in on Saturday afternoon. What a jerk that guy is! He told the insurance company that the accident was not his fault. Um, excuse me?!! So, just because he was driving a truck, pulling a utility trailer which was not properly secured and it came loose going across the road, head on into my moms car, he is not at fault? I think not! This man also told his insurance company that my mom was talking on the phone when the accident occurred. Again, I think not! Plus, we have proof--yep, we lowly civilians have the right to view our own cell phone records! Guess what? It PROVES that she was NOT talking on the phone at the time the accident occurred. And guess what else? Even if she was it doesn't matter--still not her fault that the Idiot Liar didn't properly secure the trailer he was pulling with his company truck....yep, that's right folks, a company truck. And here's a picture with a clear name of the company:

Sounds to me that someone is trying to lie to keep from getting in trouble--the ole deflect routine. You know...we all id it as know you did something wrong, and you know you're caught....but your brother (or sister) was doing something bad, I'll tell on them and maybe I won't get in as much trouble. You know it?? I know I tried it!
So, yesterday my mom speaks to a lady at the insurance company of Idiot Liar who tells mom that they may not be 100% liable if she was on the phone. She also wanted to know why mom didn't try to stop to avoid the accident. WTH??!!!
So, think about the options you have in a split second when a utility trailer is coming at you from the other side of the's not like she was behind him and could see that there was a problem. It happened in an instant!
Here are some pics of moms car:

Oh, and did I mention that Idiot Liar also told his insurance company that there was no damage to moms car? How many lies is that now? 3!
Granted, there's very little body damage. Her windshield is busted..but the real damage is under the car. Idiot Liar must have forgotten about the gallons of gas and oil spilling from the car! That couldn't possibly mean damage, could it? Hmm.....
I will now tell you that as of this morning, the insurance company contacted mom to let her know they were accepting 100% liability for the accident. Hmm, I wonder how they came to that conclusion? Oh, I bet it was the witnesses, maybe the evidence? So, now an adjuster will be going to look at moms car. They will likely total it out. I just really think it's a shame that this man has represented his company in this way. I had never heard of this company before this accident, and it's unlikely that I would need their services (farm eqip), but I would be less likely to do business with them because of the way their employee and insurance company have treated my mother. We do have friends and family who may do business with them, if so please keep this in mind.
*****Thank you to a fellow blogger for giving me this information: for more information on dangerous trailers, please check out
I had no idea of the number of accidents and deaths that occur due to trailers that are not properly secured.

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