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Man won't face charges in fatal tractor wreck



The Carry On Trailer Corporation along with U Haul has fought our efforts....

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Man won't face charges in fatal tractor wreck

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A Rockingham County man involved in a collision that killed a woman Friday won’t face charges related to her death.

The man, William Lynn, was driving north on High Rock Road near Gilliam Road in southeastern Rockingham County shortly after 8 p.m. when his 1979 Chevrolet pickup truck crashed into the rear of a trailer attached to a tractor driven by 51-year-old Joan McKinney of 462 High Rock Road. The address is listed as Gibsonville, but is just south of N.C. 87 in rural Rockingham County, roughly a mile east of the Williamsburg community.

The front of the trailer broke loose and shot over the seat, striking McKinney’s head and killing her instantly.

Lynn was driving about 55 mph, but slowed to about 35 mph at impact. The tractor was going about 10 mph, state Highway Patrol Trooper A.B. Alcorn estimated in a report.

Lynn was unable to see the tractor in time to avoid the collision, Alcorn concluded in his report.

McKinney was hauling hay. The growing darkness prevented Lynn from seeing the tractor and the hay prevented him from seeing any tractor lights, troopers say.

Lynn is 63 and lives off N.C. 87 not far from the crash site, which is roughly two miles northwest of the northwestern corner of Alamance County. He wasn’t charged in McKinney’s death, but was charged with having no insurance on the truck.

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ronmelancon wrote:
When you get a moment please go to Why does this type of accident have to happen? Last year a car hit a Hay Ride trailer and it did not have working lights... 11 were injured.. go here to view story...

so our organization got a law passed in Virginia... go here to view.. to require reflector tape on all trailers under 3,000 pounds.. guess what??? The companies fought because it cost $8.00 dollars.

The point is.. maybe this women would be alive today if she had DOT type c-2 tape on the trailer... the Utility Trailer Industry has fought a NATIONWIDE mandate... it is not right.. go here to view
9/17/2009 3:38 PM EDT on
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susanbanthony wrote:
Tragic. Someone needs to invent some kind of lights and/or reflectors to make tractors more visible on roads. Or some kind of sensors on cars to detect an obstruction in the road that cannot be seen. We need all the farmers we can get.
9/17/2009 11:19 AM EDT

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