Friday, August 21, 2009

Video Of Stolen Boat Dropped On Highway Released

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How many times have you seen someone who is towing a U Haul / Boat Trailer / Utility Trailer that is swaying just like this trailer. Please note that U Haul has a big sticker on the fender that states MaX speed limit is 45 and some have 55 MPH.

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Stolen Boat Dropped On Highway

(East Haven Police)

Patrick Holland, 38, of 68 Collins St, Hamden. Arrested for stealing a boat and leading police on a chase

EAST HAVEN - The video of a boat stolen out of East Haven that led to a chase has been released.

The video, from the Branford Police Department, shows the boat being pulled on Interstate 95 northbound and starting to weave back and forth. Shortly after the driver pulls to the right shoulder and the boat comes apparently comes off the trailer.

Just before 2:00 pm Wednesday afternoon, East Haven Police say 38 year old Patrick Holland stole a boat from the Diamond Marine boat dealer at 650 Coe Avenue. Holland apparently hooked the boat to his pickup truck and took off. The boat, a 32 foot Boston Whaler, is valued at approximately $175,000.

Holland took off north on Hemmingway Avenue, with both the boat and East Haven Police in tow, and got on the highway. East Haven cops say they broke off the chase on the highway, and waited for Branford and State police to help stop the runaway Whaler. Just before exit 57 the boat tipped over, blocking I95 and ending the pursuit. Canine units were brought in to help catch Holland when he ran from the accident.

Patrick Holland was charged with 1st Degree Larceny, 1st Degree Reckless Endangerment, Reckless Driving, Failure to Bring a Motor Vehicle to a Full Stop, Interfering with Police, and 1st Degree Criminal Mischief 1st. Holland is being held on $100,000.00 bond.

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